"Growing up as a child, I often dreamt of the fairies and elves that lived and danced in the woods behind our house. I never lost my fascination with the Faerie Kingdom and can still while away the day exploring that enchanted world, imagining the magical creatures that coexist in harmony with nature and that's where 'Milly's Fairies' found their beginning."

Our magical collection features a gorgeous range of beautiful handmade Fairy doll figures and detailed Elf decorations that make charming gifts and keepsakes.

Milly's Fairies add a little whimsy and fun to seasonal decoration throughout the year. During the season of goodwill they really come into their own. Who can resist the charms of a beautiful Christmas Fairy.

Our customers have told us that they make lovely good luck tokens and are a unique way to say thank you. So, pour yourself a cup of fairy tea and join in the adventure to find stunning Fairies in elegant attire and cheeky Elves in their Sunday best.

Woodland Elf ornaments, Springtime Flower Fairies & glamorous Valentines figurines sit side by side with Autumnal Forest Sprites and Tooth Fairies, whilst jovial Christmas Elf characters wait to be adorned on holiday trees and festive wreaths.

We deliver worldwide, so everyone can share the magic. All orders are shipped out prompt next working day.

Step inside the enchanted world of Milly's Fairies. xo